Strategic planning for non-profit organization (NGO): plan for future.

  • Identification of the organization’s productivity level: ostensible and real problems, evaluation of the employees’ performance quality;
  • Future mission of the organization: development of the strategy and the plan;
  • Flexibility of finances: development of fundraising tools;
  • Improvement of PR;
  • Identification of changes and amplification of opportunities is necessary;
  • How to promote participation / cooperation with NGO Members, etc.
  • Strategic plan for 2017-2021; and Action Plan for 2017;
  • Staff professional development plans;
  • Re-design of existing webpage;
  • Communication and Publicity plan;
  • The project of financial projections;
  • Brand and Communication Guidelines;
  • New Brand identity products (logo, templates, FB);
  • Strengthened impact on international level;
  • Updated data base, etc.

Charles Buxton, INTRAC

Zigurds Zaķis, Dzeltenā Zemūdene

Open Society Institute